Can you Identify ANY of these relatives???

Daniel & Magdalena Goeglein Descendants

Ohlinger Family
Top Row is: Henry, Margaret, George, John, and  ?
Middle Row:  Jacob, George Sr.,  ?  and Martin  (we decided that this ? must be Mary)
Bottom Row:  ?     ?    , Edward

If Catherine (the mother) is no longer living, the woman in the middle row
next to George Sr, must be Mary, as she is the oldest girl.

Please contact one of the following if you can help in the identification of any of these relatives:
Janet ,   Roland , or Robin
Other connections to this family can be found at the following address:

Sherri Schäefer Bagby Note: My Great, Great Grandmother was Christina Ohlinger.  EDWARD BRUTUS SCHAEFER married (2) BARBARA FRANCISCA HEITZ April 28, 1890 in Meigs County, Ohio. She was the daughter of JOSEPH HEITZ and CHRISTINA OHLINGER. She was born May 11, 1868, and died February 08, 1948 in Ohio.