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 William C. Goeglein
John Goeglein
George A. Goeglein
John H. Goeglein
Charles H. and Elizabeth Munn Goeglein
Mabel Magdalena Twesten & Daughter Marjory Delores Pepple
John G. Goeglein
William C. Goeglein
W. C. Goeglein Killed By Train    1870 - 1935

Milan Township Man Dies on Wabash Crossing at Thurman

 William C. Goeglein, 65, a carpenter contractor, residing on the Stellhorn Road in Milan Township, was instantly killed about 6:36 o’clock last night when a light truck, which he was driving, was struck by a west-bound Wabash passenger train at the Thurman station crossing near his home.  He was driving alone.

 The body was found along the tracks about two passenger car lengths from the crossing.  The light truck was splintered into hundreds of small pieces.

 Dr. Raymond J. Berghoff, county coroner, said that death was instantaneous from body hemorrhages and numerous fractures.  An inquest will be conducted early next week.

 Goeglein was on his way to the Burkholder general store, which is about a quarter of a mile from the scene of the accident, when he was struck by the passenger train, which was coming from Detroit/

Nephew Heard Crash

 There was no witness to the accident.  The theory was advanced last night that he was deep in thought and drove into the path of the onrushing train without looking.  He has been a resident in the vicinity of the Thurman station for a number of years and was familiar with the train schedules.  The crossing was not obstructed, it was said.

 Fred H. Meyer, a nephew of Goeglein, who lives a quarter of a mile west of the Thurman crossing, was the first to arrive at the dead man’s side.  He said he was getting ready to leave some cattle out of a pasture near the tracks and that he heard the crash as he was opening a gate.  The train came to a stop less than a quarter of a mile from the accident scene.

 F. M. Stafford of Detroit, Mich., was engineer on the train; John Kriebel, R.F.D. 1, Fort Wayne, was conductor, and W. Brown, Detroit, Mich., was fireman.

Body Put on Train

 The body was placed on the train and brought to this city where it was met by the Rodenbach-Trier ambulance.

 Mr. Goeglein was engaged in contractor carpenter work in the rural districts for a number of years.

 Surviving are the widow, Minnie; a son, Arthur, of New Haven, three daughters, Mrs. Charles Smith of this city, Mrs. Robert Knapp of New Haven and Miss Luetta Goeglein at home; six brothers, John, George, Fred, Gottlieb and Val , all of this city, and Theodore, of St. Joseph township, and three sisters, Mrs. J. Meyers of St. Joseph township and Mrs. Dick Lampe and Mrs. John Fuelling of Fort Wayne, and four grandchildren.

 He was a member of the St. Peter’s Lutheran church of Goeglein.
Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

John Goeglein

John Goeglein 1848 - 1907
Obit from unnamed, undated newspaper clipping.
Clipping provided by Linda Goeglein Huyghebaert OR Sandie Chandler Goeglein of Colorado.
Transcribed by:  Robin Hommerbocker

John Goeglein Dies of Apoplexy

Second Attack Fatal to Well Known Farmer.

Was Descendant of Pioneer Family That Has Long Been Conspicuous in the Development of Central Allen County.

 John Goeglein, descendant of an old pioneer family of German stock, and himself long a prominent and progressive citizen of St. Joseph township, died at 2:10 o’clock Monday afternoon of apoplexy at the farm residence seven and a half miles from Fort Wayne on the Maysville Road.  About four weeks ago Mr. Goeglein sustained a slight attack of apoplexy and although his condition improved slowly and he was on one occasion able to come into the city he did not fully recover from the effects and a second attack two days ago proved fatal to him.  He had since been bedfast and his death Monday came as a relief from his suffering.
 He is survived by his wife and nine children – Christian, Martin, Louis, Herman, Edward and Otto, and Elizabeth, Sophie, and Anna Goeglein.  His aged mother, Mrs. Otillia Goeglein also survives him, and there are seven brothers – Jacob, Abraham, William, Valentine and Daniel Goeglein of Fort Wayne and Allen county, and Henry Goeglein of Seward, Neb., and Christian Goeglein, of Lincoln, Neb., and three sisters – Mrs. Mary Burchardt, Mrs. Sophie Prange and Mrs. Elizabeth Bischoff, all of this county.
 Mr. Goeglein was the son of Jacob Goeglein, one of the earliest settlers of Allen county, and once a county commissioner.  The decedent was born at Pomeroy, Ohio, June 1, 1848.  Coming to Indiana with his parents, his residence in St. Joseph township began when he was fifteen years old.  He was the eldest child of a large family and from his early years he labored hard for the development of this section, and he has always been held in the highest respect of the progressive spirit and good citizenship.  He began his business career at the age of twenty-one years, managing a thressing machine and later a sawmill, a business he followed for six years in connection with farming.
 Mr. Goeglein was married to Miss Anna Bruick on May 4, 1871. 

Obituary for George A. Goeglein
Newspaper clipping undated and unidentified paper.

George A. Goeglein
1866 - 1952

 George A. Goeglein, 85, East State Blvd, Extended, died at 6:45 p.m. yesterday at the Allen County Home.  A lifelong resident of Allen County and member of the Emmanus Lutheran Church, he was in the hardware business before he retired.
 Survivors are two sons, Elmer J., Tolfield, Alberta, Canada, and George H., Fort Wayne; a daughter, Mrs. Herman Buesching, Fort Wayne; two brothers, Theodore, St. Joe Township, and Valentine, Fort Wayne; seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
 The body was taken to the Klaehn Funeral home where friends may call after 7 p.m. today.

Clipping provided by Linda Goeglein Huyghebaert OR Sandie Chandler Goeglein of Colorado.

Obituary for John H. Goeglein
Newspaper clipping undated and unidentified paper.

Chief Deputy Treasurer Dies

Long Illness Fatal to John H. Goeglein
1862 - 1936
 John H. Goeglein, 73, of 1426 St. Joe Blvd, chief deputy treasurer of Allen County, died Sunday at the Lutheran hospital at 12:08 pm.  Mr. Goeglein had been chief deputy treasurer of Allen County for nearly 25 years.  He had been ill for nine weeks and had been a patient at the hospital since Friday.  His death was due tot heart and lung disease.
 Born in Pomeroy, Ohio, Mr. Goeglein moved to St. Joseph Township, Allen County, with his parents when he was a young man.  They moved to the location long since known as Goeglein’s settlement.
 Mr. Goeglein engaged in the truck gardening business until 1905 when he moved to Fort Wayne to follow his trade as a carpenter.  It was almost a quarter of a century ago that he was named chief deputy treasurer, a post he has held since that time.  His period of service as a county official was one of the longest on record.
 He was a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran church and had an active part in the direction of the Lutheran chapel at Lake James.  He also was a member of the Walther league and the B.U.V.
 His wife, Mrs. Enriqueta Goeglein died 25 years ago and a brother William Goeglein,  was killed last September in a crossing accident at Thurman station.
 Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. William (Irene) Buesching, with whom Mr. Goeglein made his home; two sons, Emil Goeglein of Altine, Tex., and Edwin Goeglein of Toronto, Canada; five grandchildren; five brothers, George Goeglein, Val Goeglein, Gottlieb Goeglein and Fred Goeglein all of this city and Theodore Goeglein of St. Joseph township, and one sister, Mrs. John Meyer of St. Joseph township.
 The body was taken to the Rodenbeck-Trier funeral home and will be returned to the residence Monday afternoon at 5 o’clock.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at a time to be announced later.

**Note - It appears that he died early in 1936 and William C. died in September of 1935.  It places Enriqueta’s death as 1911.

Clipping provided by Linda Goeglein Huyghebaert OR Sandie Chandler Goeglein of Colorado.

Charles H. and Elizabeth Munn Goeglein

Charles and Betty Goeglein Die in Marital Tragedy Here

Charles Goeglein, 43, owner of a bakery at 343 East Broadway, shot and killed his estranged wife this morning as his 72 year old mother sat nearby and then fired one bullet into his heart, taking his own life.  The shooting occurred in his home over the bakery as Mrs. Goeglein's sister and brother-in-law looked on.  Mrs. Betty Goeglein, 28, had been separated from her husband for two months.  She filed suit for divorce in circuit court and returned today for some of her clothing.

The shots were fired into Mrs. Goeglein's body before the baker turned the .38 caliber automatic on himself.  She was struck in the right side of the chest and in the left arm.  Mrs. Goeglein died en route to St. Mary's Hospital and he died instantly in the back room of his bakery where he ran after firing at his wife.

Mrs. Irene Hume, sister of the slain woman, related that Mrs. Goeglein stayed at her home at 1136 North 46th Street Thursday night.  Accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law, Mrs. Goeglein went to his home for her clothing and began looking in a chest of drawers.  Goeglein went into the hall with her and asked her to return to him.

She refused and told him she was trough with him.  She went into the front room and he fired one shot at her.  At that time, Harry Hume said, he saw Goeglein raise the gun and fire again.  Hume and a maid in the Goeglein home, Miss Marie O'Neil, started to walk toward him and he motioned them back with the gun.  He ran down the back steps and another shot was heard.  When the witnesses reached his body they found him lying on his back, a bullet wound in the left side of his chest. 

The gun was found at his side by Patrolman Paddy Boyne, who heard the shots.  Boyne said he was walking on Broadway near Goeglein's bakery when he heard two shots.  He ran into the flat above the shop and as he reached the top of the stairs he heard a third shot.  Goeglein's mother, Mrs. Louise Goeglein, said she was sitting in the kitchen with Miss O'Neil when he was talking with his wife and the Humes.  "I couldn't hear what was being said in the hallway but I heard a rumpus and then a shot that was followed by a second shot.  Then Charles ran down the steps and I heard a third shot." 

Miss O'Neil related that she was seated in the kitchen with the elder Mrs. Goeglein, when the shooting occured. "I heard them talking in the hall," the housekeeper said, "but I could not tell what they were talking about.  I heard a shot and then saw Mr. Goeglein fire once.  I started forward to see what was going on and I saw him running in the hallway with the gun.  He pointed the gun at me and told me to get back and then ran down the steps.  I heard another shot and looked in the front of the flat where I saw Mrs. Goeglein lying on the floor."

Goeglein, former Commander of the East St. Louis American Legion Post, was Service Officer of the 22nd Illinois District of the organization.  He was married previously, his first wife obtained a divorce on grounds of cruelty.  Mrs. Betty Goeglein gave cruelty as groends for divorce in the petition she filed two months ago.  His first wife divorced him Feb. 2, 1934, and he had been married to the second Mrs. Goeglein four years. 

Both bodies were taken to the Kassly Funeral Home, 1101 North 9th Street.  Funeral arrangements had not been completed this afternoon.
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Information and transcription provided by Marilyn Graham.

Mabel Magdalena Twesten
Daughter Marjory Delores Pepple

SULLIVAN Ind., April 25______
Marjory Delores Pepple, 6 years old, died yesterday at the Mary Sherman Hospital here after lingering in the shadow of death  for 18 hours.  Her fatal wounds were inflicted by her mother, Mrs. Mabel Pepple, who slashed the child's throat and then attempted to end her own life in the Pepple home on South McCammon Street Monday afternoon.  Both the mother and child were near death from loss of blood when admitted to the hospital.

This happened in 1938, but I have misplaced to date......will have to get back to you on that.  Also I will have to write to Sullivan for more information.  This was the only information they could find in the Vigo County newpapers.

Information and transcription provided by Marilyn Graham.

Transcribed from The Daily Sentinel, Grand Jct., Colorado, July 25, 1901:

"DEATH OF JOHN G. GOEGLEIN   1856 - 1901

    John G. Goeglein, a well known German, aged about 45 years, died at his home near the Revere house this morning.
    The deceased leaves a wife and three small children, two boys and one girl.  The wife is a sister to Otto Stacy.
    For several years past the deceased has been blind and in a partial state of dementia.  It is said the cause of his condition was due to his having been leaded in a mine near Durango.
    The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon, interment in Orchard Mesa Cemetery.  Undertaker Bannister has charge of the funeral."

Information and transcription provided by Leslie Baker.

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