Gallery of

Daniel & Magdalena Goeglein Descendants
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Valentine C. Goeglein
Son of Jacob & Otillie Mees Goeglein
          Maria Meyer Goeglein                   

Augusta Salzbrenner & Maria Meyer
Augusta Salzbrenner married George Christian Goeglein
Maria Meyer married Valentine C. Goeglein

Maria "Mary" & Twin brother Chris Meyer

Valentine C. & Maria "Mary" Meyer Goeglein
Wedding Photo
November 28, 1895

Valentine C & daughter Helen O. Goeglein

Valentine C & Clara Rolf Goeglein
Marriage Certificate
April 17th, 1906

Clara Rolf, Helen O. (center) & Valentine C. Goeglein

Clara Rolf            &           Valentine C.
1873 - 1967                      1869 - 1951
St. Peter's Church Cemetery
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Helen Otillie Goeglein
Daughter of Valentine C. & Maria "Mary" Meyer Goeglein
 I would love to add a picture of Robert Valentine Goeglein, son of Valentine C. & Clara Rolf Goeglein.
If anyone has a copy please let me know so we can make arrangements to get it on the page.
Any other descendants would be a nice addition to this page as well.