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OK - PLEASE Correct me if I'm wrong.  This is Doris and Barbara Goeglein in 1924.. 
Doris is the daughter of Walter and Teodora Ealsch Goeglein and
Barbara is the daughter of William and Myrtle Johnson Goeglein.
This is Grandma Barbara Savage Goeglein and Myrwil Goeglein son of William and Myrtle Johnson Goeglein. 1924
OK - we know from photos above that this is Barbara, Doris, Myrwil (rear center).  The rest are speculation on my part, one of the little boys is probably Melvin who would've been 4 at the time this was taken, little girl standing could be Lorrain who would've also been around 4 and then one of the boys was probably Ralph.  Other children MAY be Glen and Ethel from Edward's family.  I am guessing folks - don't quote me. 

Here is how Judy thinks this goes...  Rear left to right...Myrtle, William, Myrwil, Grandma Barbara Sauvage Goeglein, Maggie, Lenora and possibly Teodora.  Sitting is possibly Walter and rest of cousins.  WHO is the man squatting or kneeling between William and Myrwil? 

Valentine, Barbara Savage Goeglein and Aunt Tillie we're assuming Otillie.  Do not know which Otillie this is though as the note on photo was supposed to have been written by Valentine and Barbara's daughter Maggie who didn't have an Aunt Otillie on the father's side at least.  Looks like there may have been a Matilda Aunt on the Savage side.  I'm confused again.  :-(  But we know we have Valentine and Barbara good to go at least.

Mrs. Myrtle (Johnson) and William Goeglein

50th Anniversary Photo 1951

Photos provided courtesy of Judy Wales.
Thanks SOOooooo Much!