Goeglein Families

  It is believed by some that all Goegleins currently in America can be traced to the same family that came from Oppau, Germany in the 1830's to find a new and prosperous life.  It seems they did succeed in accomplishing that goal and we the descendants have attempted to trace their movements about the country to the best of our ability.

    The information contained in these pages is recorded by humans and will I'm sure need corrections and updates from time to time.  Please keep this in mind and understand that we are doing this in an effort to gain collaboration of any family member desiring to assist this project that some of us have been diligently working on for several years.  In that spirit, please feel free to contact us and let us know of any corrections or additions that need to be made.

Thank you very much.  Enjoy the pages that follow and we hope you find someone to add to your family and will join in our research efforts.  Goeglein cousins far & wide.

  To search for specific individuals please place a name (surname or first name) in the space provided and hit the search button.  You will be given a page of links that has the individual(s) for whom you searched.  Please keep in mind - names were repeated throughout the family so you may get some links to others of the same name.



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September 11 - 13, 2020

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Links to specific family lines:

Daniel & Magdalena Reuter Goeglein
Johannes & Elizabeth Pfarr Goeglein
Philip & Maria Magdalena Goeglein Gephart


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Reunion Photos 2007

Reunion Photos

Trinity Evangelical Church Diamond Jubilee Pamphlet

To contact me (just the creator of the site and family nut!) please feel free to do so.  I do know a little (enough to make me dangerous) and if I don't know I will definitely TRY to find out from someone!  I am a Johannes line descendant and to my knowledge there are only a few of us left.  Please contact me and join our growing research group! Robin Hommerbocker

We have started a listserve on the Rootsweb server for the GOEGLEIN/GEOGLINE family researchers that we have come to know.  If you are interested in joining this listserve click here for further instructions:  GOEGLEIN Listserve